Waxximo Car Exterior Cleaning kit - 3x 500ML - Car Shampoo - Wheel Cleaner - Tyre Shine

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With Waxximo Car & Motor Shampoo your car, motorcycle, boat, camper and caravan washing is really fun again. The shampoo has a good cleansing effect and leaves a great shine on your paintwork. You only use 100ml per wash (bucket of 12 to 18 liters). With Waxximo Wheel Cleaner the cleaning of rims is very easy. This rim cleaner gets the most dirty rims of your car, motorcycle, camper and caravan like new again. With the free included trigger you can easily spray the rims. With Waxximo Tyre Shine the tires of your car, motorcycle, trailer, camper and caravan get the shine it deserves again. This "tire black" has been developed in such a way that it not only gives your tires a gloss or matte appearance, but also extends the life span of your tires significantly. This prevents your tires from drying out / tearing. With the free included trigger you can easily spray the tires. CAUTION: do not spray on the tread of your tire. DO NOT USE ON MOTORCYCLE OR BICYCLE TYRES Ready TO USE!
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